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Millennium Plaza Downtown, Dubai

unique things to do after your conferences in Dubai

An extraordinary aquatic marvel in the Dubai Mall features a mesmerizing 10-million-liter tank housing diverse marine life. Visitors can explore an immersive underwater world, walk through a transparent tunnel, and witness captivating marine creatures up close, making it a must-visit destination for nature and animal enthusiasts alike

Located in downtown Dubai, it is a stunning performing arts venue. Inspired by traditional dhow boats, it hosts a diverse range of cultural performances, including opera, ballet, and theater, providing a world-class experience for arts enthusiasts in the heart of the city

The world's largest choreographed fountain situated at the base of Burj Khalifa. With water, music, and lights in perfect harmony, it mesmerizes spectators with enchanting performances, captivating the hearts of millions who visit this extraordinary attraction

Located in Al Fahidi Fort, it is a cultural institution offering insights into the heritage of UAE. The museum features exhibits showcasing traditional Emirati life, Bedouin artifacts, and interactive displays, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse into the history and culture

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