Pronovea Customer Excellence MENA Summit 2023

21 - 22 Nov 2023
Dubai | Physical
To excel in CX, businesses must prioritize customer needs and wants and strive to deliver personalized, timely, and meaningful interactions across all channels. It includes offering seamless, intuitive, and efficient experiences across physical and digital touchpoints, ensuring a consistent brand message, and demonstrating empathy and understanding toward customer needs and concerns. We are bringing together leading experts, thought leaders, and industry professionals, for an unforgettable experience as we dive into the world of CX in the Middle East and North Africa region. With engaging sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, this event is a must-attend for anyone passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences, driving business growth and looking to transform their customer service approach to elevate their business to the next level.

Topic Highlights

  • The Big Experiential Shift: Rethinking Customer Experience in The New Normal
  • Driving The Digital Channel Engagement Through Redesign
  • Using ChatGTP to Enhance the Customer Experience
  • Conversational AI - Driving the Future Of CX
  • Artificial Intelligence as A Game Changer in Transforming CX
  • Using Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, And Big Data for Designing a Winning CX Strategy
  • User Centric Hyper-Personalization - The New Must Have
  • The Convergence of CX And Design (UX) - The Next World of Customer Experience
  • Developing A Human-Centric CX Strategy in A Data-Driven World
  • From Omnichannel to Self-Service – Creating Differentiated Customer Journeys
  • Calculating the ROI of CX

Meet the experts

Join the Pronovea Customer Excellence MENA Summit 2023 to learn from our expert speaker lineup, including C-suite executives, directors, thinkers, and innovators from around the world. Engage in case study presentations, panel discussions, roundtable sessions, and interactive breakouts to gain insights and inspiration from cross-industry professionals. Discover the blueprint for Customer Excellence in 2023 and elevate your CX strategy to drive business growth to revolutionize your approach to customer service.

Mai Momani Photo
Invest bank Logo
Mai Momani

Invest bank

Head of Client Experience

Tamer El Sabrouti Photo
OSN Logo
Tamer El Sabrouti


Customer Service Director

Ahmad Altarawneh Photo
Dubai Police HQ Logo
Ahmad Altarawneh

Dubai Police HQ

Senior Strategic Transformation Consultant

Eoin Daly Photo
Commercial Bank of Dubai Logo
Eoin Daly

Commercial Bank of Dubai

Head of Sustainability & Customer Engagement

Rowaida Khedr Photo
Fabmisr Logo
Rowaida Khedr


Associate Director for Corporate & Supporting function– Customer Experience & Market Insights

Eman Talaat Photo
Department of Government Enablement Logo
Eman Talaat

Department of Government Enablement

Head of Experience Design

Siddhaarth Iyer Photo
GIG Gulf Logo
Siddhaarth Iyer

GIG Gulf

Head of Digital & Customer Experience

Mohamed Fawzy Nasif Photo
Mohamed Fawzy Nasif


Head of Customer Experience, Middle East & Africa

takeaways and benefits

Pronovea provides an excellent opportunity to connect and reconnect. Our summits provide you with a way of building connections and forging partnerships, as a strong network is necessary for corporate success. We bring a valuable forum for a range of different functions, helping people to share ideas, make decisions, and build team relationships across industries.

what people say about us

Our relationships with our clients are the most important and valuable part of our work and what we stand for. As our clients come from Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, our conferences truly take place worldwide. Senior decision-makers from all over the world meet at our summits to discuss the biggest problems facing their industry and to find viable solutions.

We at pronovea provide the market's most interactive and high-quality corporate conferences. We deliver the banking, telecom, pharma, and technology industries access to the most progressive and advanced business expertise available anywhere on the globe in one place. In order to return to their organisations with new, constructive ideas on how to advance their businesses, our clients depend on us to offer this information.